The Gourmet Experience

The “GastroTour”


At Arceno Rentals Club we have the experience of ‘fine dining’ at some of the most excellent ‘Ristoranti’ within reach of our properties.

We have selected three ‘Michelin starred’ restaurants which we can propose as a special ‘GastroTour’ for our Guests.  Two have one and one has two stars!

These restaurants, like many others, have become over time ‘friends’ of Arceno Rentals Club.

Each has their own unique take on delivering the best of the finest ingredients the Tuscan region has to offer.  They bring their own ethos to the table in some of the most charming, comfortably furnished and decorated interiors one would hope to dine in.  With engaging but discreet service staff, excellent wine cellars and knowledgeable sommeliers you can enjoy the aromas, flavours and ambience in the company of friends and family.

The ‘GastroTour’ takes you for a unique Gourmet Experience at each of these restaurants.

Arnolfo Ristorante’ is owned and run by Chef Gaetano Trovato. Sicilian by birth, Gaetano grew up in Tuscany and from an early age was imbued with the magic of the culinary arts by working in a bakery, as a result bread remains an important part of the meal.  Through his interest in architecture, his deliciously colourful creations are ‘designed and built’ sating the tongue and eye and so worthy of two Michelin Stars. (Colle Val d’Elsa)  


La Bottega del 30’ is owned and run by Hélène Stoquelet, a Parisian Chef who opened in 1987 and has retained a Michelin Star for twenty-three years!  Hélène has made traditional Tuscan recipes her own by adding a ‘French twist’. With the assistance of her executive Chef Nadia Mongiat Carel, they produce remarkable savoury dishes and exquisite desserts.  (Villa a Sesta)


L’ Asinello’ is owned and run by Chef Senio Venturi and his wife Elisa Bianchini, a young couple ‘hot on the scene’.  Through hard work and determination, they have brought their own interpretation of Tuscan cuisine to the table creating exceptionally elegant dishes and earning in the process a Michelin Star in 2019. (Villa a Sesta)  


Arceno Rentals Club, through our inclusive Concierge service, is proud to be able to organise a ‘Gourmet Dining Experience’ for those Guests staying in one of our properties.  Grasp the opportunity to be taken to experience all three Restaurants at your leisure and have it all organised for you by Gaia, our Concierge Service Manager. Don’t worry about driving, professional Chauffeurs will do that for you.